​​All of our ducks are rescues and have come from homes that could no longer keep them. Ducks are relatively easy to care for, as they don't require much feed to keep them at a healthy weight. One of their favorite things to do is swim in their kiddie pool! Ducks LOVE water! Their eggs are also considered to be "richer" than chicken eggs, so some people prefer duck eggs instead of chicken eggs in their diet.

Alpacas are definitely fun creatures! They originate from South America where they are used for their fiber. Although they may look like llamas they are not the same thing! They are actually cousins! Much smaller in size and used for different purposes, alpacas are only good for their hair. They are very flighty animals and do not make good guard animals for other livestock.


  1. We require a deposit to reserve a date and time
  2. At least 50% due at the time of booking and the remaining balance due the day of the event
  3. ONLY refunded in the event of bad weather
  4. We currently only accept cash, check, and/or paypal.


Willow is one of the miniature horses we rotate between at our events. Like Java, she is also in the "A" class because she is under 34 inches tall. She is our oldest animal at 18 years old! Horses can live 30+ years with proper care and love! She is trained to pull a cart, which is one of the main things people use minis for. Because of their small size they can't carry a lot of weight on their backs, but can safely pull 2 regular size adults or loads up to 3x their weight.

Java is one of the miniature horses we rotate between at our events.  Miniature horses are divided into two different divisions based on their size. Java is in the "A" class because he is under 34 inches tall. Minis in the "B"  class measure over 34 inches up to 38 inches.  Miniature horses are also the only other animals other than dogs that can be registered as a "seeing-eye" animal for the blind!

Braylee turned a year old in August. She is grey in color, so she has the traditional "cross" across her back. She has recently started doing more events and will be working full time this season!


Annie came to us as an orphan. We bottle raised her which has made her a total doll! She's a Nigerian Dwarf, which is a miniature goat breed that's used for milk. As you can see she has horns. Female goats can grow horns just like males! They can be removed at a young age or banded when they get older. If a goat never grows horns. it's considered "polled" which means "naturally hornless".


The Ducks

Scooter - Miniature Zebu

USDA Licensed, Animal Welfare Act Certified, and Insured

Java - Miniature Horse

Charles came to us from another petting zoo, so he knows his roll well! Depending on their breed, sheep are usually dual purpose animals meaning they are raised for more than one reason. Sheep with wool are raised for wool and/or meat. Some sheep breeds can even be used for milk!


Annie - Goat

Scooter is a miniature zebu! Zebus are the smallest breed of cattle in the world. A few of the characteristics known to the breed are a fatty hump between their shoulders and loose skin on their lower neck. They are an exotic breed and extremely rare.


Willow - Miniature Horse

Larry just joined our family a few weeks ago. He came from another zoo, so being the center of attention is nothing new to him! He's done his first event with us and for only being 6 months old, he did great! We are excited to see what the future holds for this adorable, fuzzy, long necked creature!

Leo - Alpaca

Braylee - Miniature Donkey

Meet the animals!

Domino - Goat

Charles - Sheep

Additional Services

We recently adopted Domino with the hopes of making  him our future herd sire. Like Annie, he's also a Nigerian Dwarf. Once he's old enough to start breeding we will be leaving him at home and adding another female to our menagerie.


Larry - Llama

  • Pet/ Farm Sitting
  • Hoof trimming on sheep/goats
  • Alpaca and Sheep Shearing