Libby came to us as a bottle baby. She is a registered Nigerian Dwarf goat. She is one of the sweetest goats we've ever had! Her crystal blue eyes make her even more beautiful! She loves back scratches and to be fed grass. You'll surely love having this tiny little girl at your events!


Finn - Sheep

Willow - Miniature Horse

Java is one of the miniature horses we rotate between at our events.  Miniature horses are divided into two different divisions based on their size. Java is in the "A" class because he is under 34 inches tall. Minis in the "B"  class measure over 34 inches up to 38 inches.  Miniature horses are also the only other animals other than dogs that can be registered as a "seeing-eye" animal for the blind!

Braylee is our only miniature donkey. She is grey in color, so she has the traditional "cross" across her back. She is a character! She often plays the staring role of the donkey every year at our Live Nativities!


CoCo - Alpaca

Chip- Miniature Zebu

  • Pet/ Farm Sitting
  • Hoof trimming on sheep/goats
  • Alpaca and Sheep Shearing

Luna is a miniature horse, but due to her gorgeous white color she plays the role of a miniature unicorn PERFECTLY! Luna is too small to be ridden, but is perfect for photos! We color her mane and tail and finish off her costume with her special horn! She will turn any party into a magical event!

Finn has been with us for a little over a year! He’s a young mix breed sheep. He was shy when we first got him, but he’s since come out of his shell and showing his huge personality!

Meet the animals!


USDA Licensed, Animal Welfare Act Certified, and Insured

Chip is a miniature zebu! Zebus are the smallest breed of cattle in the world. A few of the characteristics known to the breed are a fatty hump between their shoulders and loose skin on their lower neck. They are an exotic breed and extremely rare.


Braylee - Miniature Donkey

Libby - Goat

Luna - Miniature Horse / Our Miniature Unicorn

Willow is one of the miniature horses we rotate between at our events. Like Java, she is also in the "A" class because she is under 34 inches tall. She is our oldest animal at 19 years old! Horses can live 30+ years with proper care and love! She is trained to pull a cart, which is one of the main things people use minis for. Because of their small size they can't carry a lot of weight on their backs, but can safely pull 2 regular size adults or loads up to 3x their weight.

Additional Services

Java - Miniature Horse

CoCo is the newest member of our menagerie and already a huge hit! Did you know there are two types of alpacas? They are called either a Huacaya or Suri. They are determined by the texture of their fiber (hair). They make a humming noise to communicate and do better if living in groups of two or more.


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  2. At least 50% due at the time of booking and the remaining balance due the day of the event
  3. ONLY refunded in the event of bad weather
  4. We currently accept cash, check, venmo, Apple Pay, PayPal, and/or cards (3.5% convenience fee on all card transactions)